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KidZania Cuicuilco, Dubai, Monterrey and Santiago Get IZO:K Certificates

IZO:K Certificate

MEXICO CITY, Mexico. KidZania Journal. October 3, 2013. (English). –Today, KidZania metropolises of Cuicuilco, Dubai, Monterrey and Santiago obtained the first IZO:K experience certifications from the Institute for Ztandards Observance (I.Z.O.). The I.Z.O. was created to establish methodologies to allow KidZania accomplish a standardized culture, ensure proper maintenance of all facilities, improve visitor’s satisfaction and achieve the best perceived value from customers.

Traveling with Kids: Explore KidZania in Mexico City


The Mommy Files. August 14, 2013. (English) by Shannon Gosney. –I recently had the opportunity to attend a Family Media Trip in Mexico City, Mexico. This was my first time visiting Mexico City and I was really impressed with the safe feeling of the city and the kid-friendly activities we were introduced to on our trip! One of the first stops we made was at KidZania Cuicuilco.

Philip Kotler Visits KidZania Cuicuilco!

From left to right: Mr. Hernán Barbieri (Governor of KidZania Mexico), Dr. Fahim R. Kibria (CMO, World Marketing Summit), Prof. Philip Kotler and Mr. Xavier López Ancona (President of KidZania)

MEXICO CITY, Mexico. KidZania Journal. June 28, 2013. (English). –Today, marketing guru Prof. Philip Kotler and Dr. Fahim R. Kibria visited KidZania Cuicuilco for the first time. Our distinguished visitors walked across KidZania Cuicuilco’s streets and plazas, experiencing and discovering first-hand the exclusive interaction created in the sponsored establishments, where kids play with brands, products and services while learning the relevance of work and money.

KidZania Cuicuilco is Named RLI’s “Most Innovative Retail & Leisure Concept 2013″!

RLI Awards 2013

LONDON, United Kingdom. KidZania Journal. June 7, 2013. (English). –The Natural History Museum of London hosted last night the “Global RLI Awards 2013″. The annual event reunites the cream of the global retail and leisure industries, celebrating the very best that these industries have to offer, rewarding their innovation and vision, and their commitment to excellence in such areas as sustainability, design and construction. 

On a role: Kids get to ‘be’ adults at KidZania theme park


MEXICO CITY, Mexico. Orlando Sentinel. April 29, 2013. (English) by Samantha Feuss. -As parents, we all struggle to get our children to understand that money doesn’t grow on trees. We want them to be responsible, work hard, and learn to save a few bucks. But these lessons are among the most difficult to teach.

Enter KidZania, an internationally acclaimed – and truly unique – children’s theme park that makes life a little easier for parents, and learning a whole lot more fun for kids of all ages.